L&J Family Foods

Family Snacks inspired by India. Made in the USA

Our story

L&J Family Foods was started by a mother and her son for the joy of cooking together and a goal of bringing delicious ethnic family snacks recipes to a naturally focused modern age. We took a family recipe of a natural fritter that we loved and decided that its important to share this unique product with our friends and local community.

There is a lot of interesting all natural vegetarian and vegan food snacks globally to discover that bring joy and relief to every day. We aim to bring great tasting snacks to local communities from India.

Through the love between mother and son, each all natural snack is inspired by our family style cooking and the geographical region they originated from. They have been brought to life for joyful consumption.

We started with our fritter, where we mix and prep with natural ingredients and cook without any additives. We use natural preservatives and techniques that have been passed down through generations with love.

The results are all natural vegetarian and vegan snacks that pair really well with your favorite beverages and sauces. Best part is they are of the finest special quality foods and proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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Snack manufacturers in India have been advised to take a health and wellness and localisation approach to snack production to appeal to local consumers. "Brands can tap into this by offering snacks that provide indulgences along with health and taste in today's world" says Minu Srivastava of Mintel Consumer Research. To continue reading this article, please navigate here . Written By - Pearly…

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