About L&J Family Foods

Family Venture

L&J Family Foods is a family venture, inspired by a mother (Latha) and her son (Junie) to simply explore if a family food snacks could make it onto a store shelf. The mother told her son, "if you figure out and convince a store for shelf space, I'll teach you how to make it."

Through the joy of cooking together as a family, we have a goal of bringing delicious ethnic naturally made family snacks recipes to a modern age. These recipes have vegan and gluten free focus, and are intended to bring joy and relief to the stresses of everyday life. The recipes and cooking techniques were passed in the best way possible: from mother to son with love.

Food Operations

L&J Family Foods is a 1UP Ventures (1UPVC) company brand. Operations are based out of the State of Virginia in the United States of America. The brand conception of L&J Family Foods was established in 2018. The company is fully permitted by Fairfax County and the great State of Virginia. Operations are currently located in Vienna, VA.

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Local & State partners

We proudly collaborate with a set of local and state partners who continuously contribute to our success. These include the following:

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Virginia's Finest Program - Page

Vienna Business Association - Page

Aditi Spice Depot (Vienna) - Page | Map

Bards Alley - Page | Map

Caffe Amouri - Page | Map

Norms Beer & Wine - Page | Map

Contact Us

Interested in our food products, have any other questions, or simply want to drop us a line? The best way to get a hold of us is by email at landjfamilyfoods@1upvc.com. We'd love to hear from you!