Our Lovable Bits

Junie's Ribbon Bits & How to Eat Them

Meet our lovable all natural vegan and gluten free ribbon bits. They've got just right amount of crunch and spice with long lasting enjoyment. At L&J, we focus on making a snacks for the modern age.

Our ribbon bits are of the finest special quality foods, and are vegan and gluten free. Our bits are proudly Made in the U.S.A.

While certainly wonderful on their own, our crunchy and spicy bits can happily be paired lovingly with your favorite beverages and be a great party snack for friends and family.

Our friends and family helped us discover that our bits can be served with hot soups and salads. And it hasn't stopped there.

Take our enjoyable shelf stable ribbon bit to your next event (e.g., sports, concerts, music festivals), road trips, and anywhere your next adventure takes you.

Vegan and gluten free ribbon bits for the modern age.

We strived to make the best ribbon bits and made in the USA. Our ingredients include the following Rice Flour, Gram Flour, Oil, Red Chili Powder, Salt and Water.

I love your bits and find them so pleasant. I've found myself also tossing them on my soups and salads. They compliment the taste so well! Thanks so much!
As a vegan and gluten free option this is fantastic! I love the travel size and enjoy pairing them with my favorite beverages.

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We offer two ways to get your hands our delicious and lovable bits: In-Store and Online.

Local Store

$By Vendor By Location

On the shelf at a local store and you can explore our partners stores as well! Explore our shop section.

  • Avg. Net wt. 2.5 oz (70.8g) per unit
  • Sales tax may apply dependent on state
  • Availability dependent on vendor inventory


$19.99 for 4 packs

Online - Contact Us or Order Online (Coming soon in 2020). See instructions under our shop section.

  • Avg. Net wt. 2.5 oz (70.8g) per package
  • Each box comes with four (4) units
  • Shipping and taxes based upon location