Our Lovable Fritter

Junie's Spicy Fritter

Meet our lovable all natural vegetarian (and vegan) fritter. Junie has always loved his mom's fritters and together. Together at L&J Family Foods they strived to share this natural treat with local communities.

Our family strives to use all fresh ingredients to achieve our natural taste and the strengths of each ingredient such as the water content within onions.

Our unique family proportioned mix creates a wonderful flavoring that becomes suitable for formulating a full rich batter ready to be transformed into fritters.

Fritters are fried to a golden brown crisp to ensure that crunchy outside with soft chewy inside as you make your way to the middle.

The results of our process and techniques is an enjoyable shelf stable fritter that is vegetarian and that can be shared with our local community, partners, and at events (e.g., sports, concerts).

An all natural fritter with great ingredients

We strived to make the best all natural fritter without added preservatives and made in the USA. Our ingredients include the following Rice Flour, All Purpose Flour, Cream of Wheat, Gram Flour, Onions, Green Chilis, Coriander Leaf, Salt, Sugar, Corn Oil, and Water.

Fresh chilis
Fresh Dough New
I just called to tell you how great and natural your fritter is and how excited I am each time I have one.
The crunchy outside yet soft inside is a great touch especially with the chilis. They sneak up on you in the most happy and pleasant manner.

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We offer two ways to get your hands our delicious and lovable fritter: In-Store and On-Demand.

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  • Avg. Net wt. 2.41 oz (68.3g) per unit
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On-Demand - Contact Us or Order Online (Coming soon). See instructions under our shop section.

  • Avg. Net wt. 2.41 oz (68.3g) per unit
  • Shipping cost and taxes based upon location and/or provider
  • Subscription upon request